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Magnolia Bronze SAE 64 Modified


Magnolia Bronze SAE 64 Modified is known for its versatility & adaptability. Strength & hardness are slightly reduced to enhance Magnolia Bronze's semi-lubricating properties and its ability to adapt to prevailing shaft condition. Magnolia SAE 64 is recommended if lubrication is poor or interrupted. Magnolia Bronze is easy to machine and has anti-seizing properties that ensure shaft & bronze does not seize or weld during operation. Magnolia Bronze is not ideal for heavy oscillating load or high impact load. Magnolia SAE 64 can imbed dirt, tolerate vibrations and endure minor shaft misalignment without the risk of scoring or damaging the shaft


Bearing Sleeve, Wrist Pin Bushing, Steel Mill Bushing, Rolling Mill Bushing, Sugar Mill Bushing, Spacer Bushing for Pumps, Electric Motor Bushing, Cam bushing for Diesel engines, Crankshaft main bushing, Deep Well Pump Bushing


Medium Load | High Pressure | High Speed


American ASTM   B505
  UNS   C93600
  CDA   936
  SAE   64 Modified
British BS   -
German DIN   -
Japanese JIS   -


Copper % Cu 81
Tin % Sn 7
Lead % Pb 12


Tensile Strength 35,000 psi
Yield Strength 21,000 psi
Elongation 15%
Min Hardness Brinell 500 Kg 65 BHN
Max Operating Temp 170 ºC
Max Operating Pressure 2175 - 3625 psi