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Cast Iron


FLOCAST Cast Iron are produced via Continuous Cast method, this eliminates risk of porosity and sand inclusions that are chronic problems of local sand casting. Fine grain microstructure with thinly dispersed graphite flakes ensure utmost material rigidity, uniform density and hardness with higher tolerance to stress cracking

Tensile, yield and compressive strengths are uniform all throughout every Flocast cast iron bar and bushing. Flocast cast iron comes in 10 feet lengths with smooth surface finish that requires very minimal machining. This enables fabricators and contract manufacturers to save on time, energy and machining, further reducing the overall cost of production


Hydraulic and Pneumatic
Piston, End Cap, Gland, Support Bearing, Control Valve, Rotor

Machine Tool
Slide Rails, Gear Wheels, Cams, Bushings, Helical Gears, Spiral Gears

Valve Guide, Piston Ring, Cylinder Liner, Gear, Pulley, Brake & Clutch Cylinder Liner


  • Easier to Machine
  • Very Smooth Surface
  • Fine Grain Structure with Graphite Flakes
  • High Tensile Strength & Hardness
  • Absolutely No Rejects


American ASTM   A48   Class 35 - 40
British BS   1452   Grade 17
German DIN   1691   GG35
Japanese JIS   FC   25


Tensile Strength 32000 – 37000 psi
Compressive Strength 150,000 psi
Brinell Hardness 217 – 269 BHN
Microstructure Essentially Pearlitic